The Process of Creating Ads for Flowers

The Process of Creating Ads for Flowers

Since we started our small floral business, there have been many challenges we have faced. But that has motivated us to reinvent ourselves every day and think outside the box. Among one of those challenges is filming fun short commercials that show our floral work and the essence of Canaima Floral Design.

Flowers digital content

That's why our digital content director, Kieran, ventured to explore new digital tools to create the most original commercials for every florist's big day, Valentine's Day.

 There were days of trial and error while shooting, editing and composing original music for our videos and digital content. We had to bring different elements together to transmit a message of love and humor while leaving some traditional and cliché methods behind. We loved the result!

flower gift 

That is why we decided to take popular elements in pop culture, such as Lego, which influenced the childhoods of many and expanded their creative universe, and still do!


Kieran, our digital content creator, has an extensive history in the field of music production, he composed different musical pieces for Canaima Floral Design commercials, to compliment the beauty of our floral arrangements.

This Valentine's Day we want to share with you unique digital material through our accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tiktok, to provide you with amazing floral arrangements, and also help you give flowers that are unforgettable for your friends and loved ones this February 14.


We invite you to be part of our floral community and support us to grow together in Murfreesboro and all of Middle Tennessee. We want to become, together with you, our valued customers, the best online flower shop in the town.

 Send flowers, Send love!

 Happy Valentine’s Day.


Canaima Floral Design Team.

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