About us

Canaima Floral Design came about for two reasons, Samantha the owner grew up and studied to be a journalist in Venezuela, now living in the United States, she longs for her country to do well again. The second reason is passion, floral design is something she found and never wants to give up. It’s an area of expression and joy for her. 

Canaima is the most famous national park in Venezuela that houses the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls. It is also one of the oldest land formations on the planet. 


Angel Falls - Canaima, Venezuela

Jaspe Falls - Canaima, Venezuela

This place is home to some of the richest vegetation in the world. Unfortunately these wonderful landscapes, flora and fauna are being attacked by illegal mining.
This is why the values of Canaima Floral Design are focused on respecting the environment, using sustainable materials and taking inspiration from the beautiful colors offered by Canaima National Park. Canaima Floral Design hopes to convey peace and serenity to those who choose our eco-friendly arrangements.

In addition to paying homage to her homeland, Samantha found refuge in flowers. Plants became her best friends during the pandemic. She learned to take care of them and love them. She took her first steps to learn everything related to floral design and the flower industry as a florist at a studio in Queens, NY. While working for that studio she did events, weddings, and large installations for the likes of the New York City Ballet and MET Opera.

After six years living in NYC Samantha moved to Tennessee with her partner Kieran, where they both established this business and are working hard to deliver beautiful floral arrangements and offer environmentally conscious products.


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